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Article The Good Men Project: Men, Electric Shock, Feelings



Here is my most recent guest post for The Good Men Project, Preferring Electric Shock to the Shock of Being Alone. A recent study by psychologist Timothy Wilson and his colleagues at U.Va. showed results that 67% of male participants choose to engage in electric shock versus be with their own thoughts. Upon hearing the results of this study I began to think about the men I have seen in my practice and their relationship to their feelings and thoughts, as well as to how this study might impact couples. Find my thoughts here: Article The Good Men Project: Men, Electric Shock, Feelings

Articles Written By Patricia For Other Websites

The links below lead to articles I’ve written for other websites.

I was pleased when my article titled “6 Things Couples Can Do to Make Room for the Emotional Man” was accepted by The Good Men Project. Couples often get stuck in a dynamic where the female has all of the emotional attention. This pattern feels bad to both particpants and ultimately damages the relationship.


The article called “How Stagnation Can Harm a Relationship and What You Can Do About It” was so popular amongst Relationship Advice Cafe readers that I was asked to write a second. In that article I discuss how even though sexual fantasy feels intimidating, it can be a valuable resource for couples. Click on the link to read “How Real Life Based Fantasy Can Save A Relationship” .


The article I wrote for was intended to help parents faced with the difficult task of supporting thier child with a disability through the educational process. In this article titled “How to Talk With Teachers When Your Child Has A Disability” I discuss communication techniques parents can use to be heard by their child’s educators.

The Good Men Project Article: “Six Things Couples Can Do to Make Room for the Emotional Man”

The Good Men Project

I am pleased to announce one of my articles was posted on The Good Men Project today. As stated on their website their mission is to “….foster [ing] a national discussion centered around modern manhood and the question, ‘What does it mean to be a good man’?”. You can see my article “6 Things Couples Can Do to Make Room for the Emotional Man” at The Good Men Project.


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