Psychotherapy In Silver Lake

Psychotherapy In Silver Lake

I was recently asked about Silver Lake and how I decided to open an office in the Los Angeles Eastside Community. I thought others might be interested in my answers and why I provide psychotherapy in Silver Lake:

1. How long have you been in Silver Lake?
I’ve been in my Silver Lake office for two years. It’s located on Silver Lake Blvd just south of the reservoir. I’ve had an office on the Eastside for four years and was located downtown before I was in Echo Park.

2. What made you want to open shop in Silver Lake?
I enjoy how quiet and peaceful the area is, and how the reservoir brings the community together. People are out walking, talking to others, and spending time in my neighborhood. I like that it’s located in the diverse Los Angeles Eastside community. Silver Lake, Los Feliz, and Echo Park are all so different. The environment, energy, and people change tremendously when you go from one place to the next.

3. What is the dynamic of the neighborhood and why is a good fit for therapy?
When I first set up shop on the Eastside my office was located on Sunset Blvd. While Sunset Blvd is amazing for a variety of reasons, it isn’t the best location for a psychotherapy office. My current office is quiet. It gives people a chance to take a pause and to reflect upon themselves and their life. It’s hard in Los Angeles to find an area like Silver Lake. It’s unique.

4. What do you want to focus on in the next two years?
I believe that mental health is important. I want to continue to help people heal from their anxiety and depression. I believe that happier people mean a happier community. I hope to continue positively impacting the LA Eastside community by helping individuals, families, and couples feel happier.

5. Any local charities you favor?
There are some very active and important organizations in the LA Eastside community. Here are a few of my favorites:

Echo Parenting & Education
Echo Park Film Center
Barnsdall Art Center
Queens Care Family Clinics
Echo Park Animal Alliance
Silver Lake Reservoir Conservancy