Practice & Approach

Practice & Approach

My practice is based in acceptance and kindness. I hold a strong belief that there is no room for judgment in productive psychotherapy. I work together with you to create a therapeutic course that feeds your personal curiosity, builds upon the strengths you already have, and teaches you new techniques for coping with stress and sadness. I help people integrate mindfulness into his or her life; stop reaching for tomorrow and feel the impact of today. Throughout this process, we will focus on strengthening and protecting your mental well-being. You will learn to identify new things about yourself: What you want, what frustrations you face, what changes you wish to make, and how to implement those changes. I will support you in your quest to be true to yourself and the people you love, and provide you with tools to help make coping with life’s demands easier.

“I help people integrate mindfulness into his or her life; stop reaching for tomorrow and feel the impact of today!”

While the majority of my practice focuses on traditional “talk” therapy, I understand that this process can be intimidating for some people. I also work in alternative therapeutic models such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and art therapy. I have found EMDR to be valuable in the treating a variety of mood disorders, trauma, and behavioral difficulties in women, men, children, adolescents, and families. Art therapy allows an expressive outlet for people who have trouble finding the words to explain how they are feeling.

People come and see me for a variety of things. I provide therapy/counseling for the following specialties of interest:

• relationship difficulties
• infidelity
• career challenges
• anxiety
parenting (Psychology of Parenting)
• self esteem
• alcohol and drug addiction
• past trauma
• grief counseling
• depression
postpartum depression in mothers and fathers
• stress management
• school problems
women in transition
teens and children

Patricia O’Laughlin, licensed therapist and Art Therapist, providing EMDR and therapy to individuals, couples, teens, and adults. Silver Lake/Los Feliz, Los Angeles. or (323)761-2221.