Parenting Course

Parenting Course Silver Lake

I offer this course designed to help parents prepare for a new baby. During pregnancy, most people get wrapped up in decorating the nursery and buying the items needed to take care of their child. While these things are important, many couples forget about preparing for the changes inevitable within their relationship and the shifts in identity that will take place.

Studies show that people report a decrease in life satisfaction after having a child.” 

Studies show that people report a decrease in life satisfaction after having a child. Four areas of difficulty are listed as the most common causes of marital dissatisfaction: Restriction of freedom, conflict with roles and functions, financial impact, and sexual dissatisfaction. (1) My six-session prep course is designed to give individual couples a private structured time and place to address any issues and mentally prepare for parenting. I help parents consider what mindful-parenting looks like and how it can provide a benefit for them and their children. Taking this course will help focus on and strengthen your emotional relationship with your partner before the baby comes.

The Topics

  • What are my expectations for parenting and how realistic are these expectations?
  • Who am I and who do I want to continue to be, even within the demands of parenting?
  • Who are we as a couple and how can we continue to connect to each other the way we desire after our baby comes?
  • How do I connect to people and how will this affect the way I cope with the changes having a baby will bring to my life?
  • What specific communication techniques can I use with my partner when I am tired and frustrated?
  • This course will also offer an introduction to attachment styles and help couples explore which aspects of attachment parenting they want to incorporate into their own style.

Each meeting is conducted in 50-minute segments and can be done via Skype or in person. The course begins by focusing on myths around parenting and adult attachment styles, during the middle phase couples explores how they see themselves as individuals, a couple, and a family once the baby has arrived. They also consider ways they can incorporate mindfulness into their parenting and how this approach can strengthen their bond with their child. The class ends in a discussion about communication techniques and attachment-focused parenting. There are readings and assignments to be completed outside of meeting times designed to create awareness and reinforce learning.


Overview of Mindful Parenting from Patricia O’laughlin on Vimeo.

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