Group Therapy

Group Therapy Group therapy is a great way to understand yourself better, to learn tips and coping skills from others, to express your feelings, and to be reassured you are not struggling alone.  I am currently offering two groups:

Women and Men Struggling with Relationships: Research shows that stress impacts a person’s body and mind and can cause sadness, irritation, low energy, irregular eating and sleeping patterns, and low self-esteem. This group is for people who know that their struggles with relationships is increasing their level of stress. Online dating, having difficulties finding the right person, or feeling like you cannot make relationships work all increase stress and potentially a person’s negative feelings about themselves. Group is weekly, $50.00 a meeting, please call or email for more information.

Birthing Stress Management Support Group: This is a 4 week support group for women in their third trimester. This talk/art psychotherapy group will give you a chance to connect to other pregnant women, to verbalize your fears and anxieties, and to learn coping skills. You will gain support while talking and simultaneously making a supportive object to use during labor.  An item designed to signify your personal strengths and resources so when childbirth begins you won’t feel alone. Patricia specializes in helping parents and has been interviewed for the Today Show, Baby Center, and Next group TBA and lasts 4 weeks. No creative experience needed/wanted.

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