Therapy for Adults, Teens, and Children

Working as a therapist in Los Angeles for the last 16 years, I have learned to recognize my clients’ strengths and empower them to identify what they need and the steps they can take to make positive changes. I combine the theoretical orientations of cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and narrative therapy to create an exploratory collaborative environment.

I have extensive experience with the following:

Individual Therapy for Adults

Therapy for Adults
I have helped numerous adults stabilize their mood shifts, change behaviors that hindered goal/career achievement, and increase positive family and intimate relationships. I enjoy very much helping guide women and men through the process of getting to know themselves better. I have experience providing individual therapy for the following:

Career Challenges

Being lost within one’s career can take many shapes and forms, and when it is ongoing it can create anxiety and depression. Here are a few challenges I have helped people change:

  • Deciding on a new career path
  • Problems being a self-starter or sticking to goals
  • Conflict with co-workers
  • Career boredom

Mood Swings

Life feels even more complicated when we don’t understand why our moods are changing so constantly and when we don’t seem to be able to regulate ourselves. I treat anxiety and depression in adults. There are many reasons why we might feel poorly, here are some of the things I have worked with before:

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Loss of a pet
  • Trauma
  • Relational Challenges
  • Career Demands or Problems
  • Family History of mood swings
  • Change in mood caused by physical challenges such as illness or chronic pain

Sometimes it isn’t apparent why we aren’t feeling well, I can help you piece together information so you can manage the self-deprecating thoughts and uncomfortable forms of anxiety.

Relational Challenges

As people, relationships are a major source of depression and anxiety. Relationships don’t just include intimate partnerships but also include family members and friends. Research shows that our happiness is dependent on relational experiences with people, yet our interactions with others often cause pain and confusion. Here are a few areas I have seen people for before:

  • Coping with a family member or a partner’s addictive behaviors
  • Current or past abuse/neglect from family or friends
  • Questions about whether or not to leave a current relationship
  • Parent child relationship challenges
  • Online dating
  • Wanting an intimate relationship but not being able to find the right match
  • Wanting a closer relationship to family members or friends
  • Deciding whether or not to have children


Traumatic events during childhood or adulthood really make us feel bad. I use a combination or art therapy and EMDR to treat symptoms resulted from trauma.

Individual Therapy for Adolescents

Therapy for Adolescents
I have worked with many adolescents and their families. This is a difficult time of transition and a time where a person is solidifying their identity. I can help adolescents keep their focus on what is important, and increase positive relationships with family members. I have done group and individual art therapy with adolescents. Most adolescents respond to the art directives better than talk therapy. Adolescence is a very emotional and confusing time – sometimes a teen just needs a safe place to go for support in getting through the stresses of school and friends. In addition, the social media demands are high now for teens. I help teens and their parents navigate this difficult realm.


Individual Therapy for Children

Therapy for Children

In addition to my specialty of supporting children with learning differences, I also work with children who experience anxiety, depression, and mood swings. These can be a result of atypical development, trauma, or family system dynamics. Having a child who is experiencing these things can be very challenging. I work with the parent-child relationship and if needed the larger family system to support a child’s mental wellbeing.

I believe the attachment of a child to his or her primary caregivers to be vital to healthy loving adult relationships. Psychotherapy can help improve attachment and give a child a better chance as an adult, facing a challenging world. I utilize art therapy with children and their caregivers rather than traditional talk therapy alone. Art therapy helps children communicate via metaphor rather than directly being put on the spot. Developmentally, children often aren’t able to convey ideas about themselves as adults might. Art therapy helps facilitate emotional and cognitive expression, clearing a path for communication.

In my therapy practice, I approach a child with the whole being in mind. Taking into account neurological development as well as physical and emotional. Research has shown that helping a child develop mindfulness at an early age can decrease anxiety and depression, and this is something I try to hone in child patients.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and are seeking therapy for yourself, a teen, or a child, please contact me to schedule a free consultation.