Minimize Summer Stress

minimize summer stress

What stress and the summer?!?! Many think its not possible, but in reality most people do experience a slight increase of stress during the summer months. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. The kids are out of school. For parents summer means filling in the gap of school. School provides kids structure and something to do, when summer hits working parents have to find child care and stay at home parents have to figure out how everyone is going to spend their time to combat boredom. Both situations create more stress.

2. It’s hot. While for some heat is a blessing, for most it’s very hard. Here in LA heat comes with heavy air. Both can increase stress on the whole physical system, causing emotional struggles such as irritability and a decrease in tolerance.

3. We don’t have the freedom of childhood anymore. Adults are reminded more persistently during the summer months that they don’t have the summer freedom they did in their childhood. Memories of the summer can make responsibilities feel heavier, and adulthood feel less rewarding.

4. Travel. Whole traveling is full of fun, it’s also stressful. Especially during the summer months where hotels, roads, and airplanes tend to be more crowded.

So I always say that consciousness beats stress. Being aware of what difficulties you will face in summer only helps you plan coping skills to keep your stress levels lowers. Build in time alone, quiet activities, and try to keep your routine as much as possible. This things will help you minimize summer stress.

To support parents I’ll post art activities for you to use with your kids this summer to help! Including materials as well as developmentally appropriate ages for projects.