Articles Featuring Patricia O’Laughlin

Please find articles where I am featured below and coming soon, an interview done with Time Magazine on women deciding not have children at all. I’m hoping this one will be particularly helpful to couples and women as the wrestle with this subject, it can be quite difficult.

Articles Featuring Patricia O'Laughlin

Patricia O’Laughlin interviewed by Parent USA City: When You’re the New Stepparent of a Teenager

Rejection is a normal parent of being a stepparent to a teenager. In this new article learn what behaviors to expect as a stepparent and how to manage the challenge of parenting in a blended family.


Articles Featuring Patricia O'Laughlin

Patricia O’Laughlin interviewed by the Today Show: Broadcasting Your Pregnancy on YouTube: Is it TMI?

In the digital age, there is always a way to share your thoughts and feelings instantly. In this article I discuss the benefits of new moms finding support online, and when the sharing might go a little too far.


Articles Featuring Patricia O'Laughlin talks to Patricia O’Laughlin: Keeping Sex Interesting While Trying to Concieve

Sex while trying to conceive can become unromantic when ovulation schedules and temperature readings get in the way of spontaneity in the sack. In this article I give tips on how to keep things exciting and fun while trying for a baby.


Articles Featuring Patricia O'Laughlin

Patricia O’Laughlin gives tips to 10 Smart Ways to Prepare for Your Baby’s Birth

Making sure the nursery is prepped and painted is one thing, but here are a few tips I think every expectant new mom should know. From finding veteran moms who will
share their honest experiences to getting some help lined up for after the baby is born, these things will make your first few months with a new baby much easier.

Articles Featuring Patricia O'Laughlin

Pregnancy Magazine talks to Patricia O’Laughlin: New-Daddy Doldrums

New studies show that fathers can experience the blues after their child’s birth just like mothers. In this article, I talk about how to support your spouse if he is having trouble after the baby is born.


Articles Featuring Patricia O'Laughlin interviews Patricia O’Laughlin: Creating the Perfect Mother’s Day

It can be difficult to juggle your own needs with that of other family members. This article talks about ways mothers can stay focused on themselves and honor the requests of loved ones on holidays like Mother’s Day.


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